About Drunken Dolly

Music, fun and alcohol. These are the three key ingredients that make Drunken Dolly.
With their fast paced punk-rock party music influenced by folk, they turn every venue into a beer covered dance- floor! So put on your jackboots, get a beer at the bar and shout! It’s raining beer, so grab a pint and sing along! It’s raining beer so let’s party on!

Drunken Dolly originally started in 2004 and was reformed in 2014. Inspired by bands like “Dropkick Murphy’s” and “Flogging Molly”, they started writing songs, and through the years, managed to create a cocky mix of punk and folk by adding some catchy banjo and mandolin to the uptempo guitar and drum riffs.

On their debute ep “Drunken Dolly and the Drunken Man’s Curse” you can clearly hear the raw sound of Rancid and NoFX, cheered up with a hint of The Pogues and Dubliners. To top it off, they add some Beach Boys style harmonic vocals and that’s how you get the Drunken Dolly sound.

The band has played its fair share of gigs and In 2015 they we’re added to the Line-up of the “Popronde Nederland” tour. They are known for their energetic party vibe on stage. In 2015 they we’re added to the Line-up of the “Popronde Nederland” tour where they turned every show into a massive party.

Drunken Dolly

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