Drunken Dolly and the Drunken Man’s Curse – Reviews

Drunken Dolly and the Drunken Man's Curse

“2015 is being a good year for banjo/mandolin driven Celtic/folk punk bands. First Punching Namard demos, then Mick O’Toole second EP and now Drunken Dolly new EP. Go to Bandcamp and buy this EP straight away, because it’s a must have for all the Celtic folk punk fans.”
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“It may not be very long at just over ten minutes but this is as good a EP as has been released this year. Four songs of fantastic celtic-punk that is firmly within the Dropkicks camp but will equally appeal to fans of the Mollys too. I may be new to them but will be following what they do very closely from now on and I suggest you do too.”
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Troublezine (Italian)
“Normalmente quando parliamo di Olanda (e ancor più nello specifico di Rotterdam) siamo alle prese con band prettamente poppunk: con i Drunken Dolly ci si inoltra invece nei territori del folk e della tradizione celtica mischiati con un sano punk rock di base.
Conoscevo già la band di nome in quanto ne fanno parte sia Mikey (Bat Bites, Apers) che Scott (ex-Bat Bites) e con l’uscita poco tempo fa del loro primo ep li sento per la prima volta.”
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Camielmusic.nl (Dutch)
“Het is een en al knallen zoals we de Ierse folk/punk muziek kennen. Daar is geen woord over gelogen! Je zult ook geen seconde kunnen stilstaan of rustig op een stoel kunnen zitten als je dit hoort. Gewoon gas geven!”
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